Wood is robust, formable and dust-repelling. In order to maintain its beauty all surfaces are varnished. On demand we refine solid wood surfaces only with natural oils or waxes. Oils and waxes add a typical gloss to the pieces of furniture and maintain their distinctive character. For cleaning wooden furniture as well as leather surfaces we recommend to wipe them first with a damp then with a dry cloth.



Plain water is recommended to clean PMMA or PC surfaces. Depending on the degree of soiling you might want to heat the water and add some non-abrasive detergent. Before drying with a soft cloth, sponge or chamois make sure to have removed all dirt particles. Drying the surface with a cotton cloth using a special plastics cleaner helps keeping the object anti-static and dust-repellent. Ask us for supplier-recommended special detergents.

Strictly avoid scrubbing dry surfaces!