Since 2000 we have been working with technical plastics.

We treat and process PP, PPs, POM, PVC, PE or PTFE as well as FM 4910 certified materials such as PVDF, FMET 4323 and FMND 7600 and transparent plastics like PC (Lexan® bzw. Makrolon®) and PMMA (Plexiglas®). Our greatest strengths are short-term delivery of semi-finished products (sheets, rods) and custom cuttings.

In addition, we can deliver flat gaskets (EPDM, VITON, PTFE etc) in any geometry.

Exhaust Systems

We manufacture high-quality custom-fit air-handling systems for the semiconductor industry.

Our exhaust systems fit individual requirements.

We offer exhaust systems of various plastic materials.

Supply Modules

Special parts are custom-tailored according to individual demands.

The use of high-quality materials (PFA, PTFE, PVDF) guarantees highest purity for the chemical, semiconductor, electronic and solar industry.

Looking at the picture on the left: The case is made of FMET-4323 with transparent doors made of FMND 7600 (both materials FM4910 certified).

Containers and Drip Pans

We have welded plastics to manufacture containers and drip pans for more than 15 years.

Thermoplastics such as PE, PP, PVC or PVDF are fused with different welding techniques.

We also offer to repair containers, drip pans and pipes.

Protective Covers and
Transparent Protective Screens

Protective covers have become increasingly important to mechanical engineers. Transparent protective covers and doors facilitate the control and error diagnostics during the production process.

The commonly used materials for brilliant transparent solutions include PLEXIGLAS®/acryl glas and MAKROLON®/polycarbonate.

Furthermore, we manufacture and assemble PC-transparent, UV-stable protective screens which function as splash protection and add to a good hygiene standard. Whether free-standing or as a supplement to existing table partitions, cash registers or counters, we offer customised solutions.

Special Parts/Components

We manufacture components of all kinds of plastics, also in combination with metal, wood and glass. Our machinery allows a wide range of processing techniques: sawing, milling, forming, bonding, extruder-welding, hot deformation, edging, pressing and varnishing.

We are prepared to work with you on individual solutions for your special requirements.